16 January 2013

Attributing IPIN

  • Following my earlier post on the IPIN, here is another extremely nerdy post on how to attribute an IPIN to a character.
  • System segment: 24 (the Spinward Marches being the latest and 24th addition to the 3rd Imperium) followed by the hexagon number of the system. E.G. character born in Glisten: 242036
  • Date of Birth segment: self explanatory. E.G. a character born on 101-1060: 1060101
  • Serial Number segment: take the population code of the system minus 3 and roll that many D10 to get the last number of this segment and fill the segment with 0. E.G. Glisten is a population 9 system, rolling 6 dice (9-3) I get 050465, filling the segment with 0 gives me 000050465.
Some planetary governements might just be take the whole
IPIN business a bit too far... Terrific games, terrible movie!
  •  For a low tech system, use the system as it is with the understanding that only the last or two last digit(s) of the segment are the actual sequential number of the person and that the rest of the significant numbers are actually a code indicating which census division they were born in.
  • If your dealing with a balkanized system take the population code minus 4 (less than 10 "countries" on the planet), minus 5 (up to 100), and so on. The segment is made of 3 parts: the 1, 2 or 3 first digits are a code indicating which "country" issued the IPIN (assign or roll, but character from the same "country" should have the same digits), the rolled number makes the end of the segment, and 0 are added in between those parts to make the segment 9 digits long. E.g. Yres is a balkanised Pop 7 world, I decide that it's split in dozens of independent entities: 7 - 5 = 2: I roll 2 D10 for the two first digits (a code for the entity which issued the IPIN), and 2 more for the actual individual. In between those two group of two digits I add 5 "0" to get the required 9 digits.
  • Check Sum Digits: take the modulo 997 of the number formed by the 3 first segments. E.G. 2420361060101000050465 mod 997 = 700
  • Et voilà, the IPIN of a character born on Glisten on 101-1060:
  •  The IPIN of a boy from one of the city-states on Yres would look more like this:
  •  I know, I really need an Excel sheet to do that for me...

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