11 May 2014

All Quiet on the Quar Front - More Terrain

With extensive mazes of trenches made obsolete by alien invaders air (or grav, or orbital) supremacy, the Quar quickly adapted and started using small carefully camouflaged bunkers, single use firing positions and tunnel networks... And because of my overexposure to Vancouver Film Studios production, logs are the ubiquitous material for those positions. Well, that and I also happen to find log fortifications a bit more rustic and low tech than sand bags. Plenty of choice here! WW2: so far I like Flames of War Log Emplacement - Dug-in Markers and Log Emplacement - Gun Pit, Kerr & King Machine Gin Nest, etc.  

Kerr & King MG Nest. Picture from manufacturer website.

And Vietnam, off-course: I'm mostly thinking TimeCast Camouflaged VC/NVA Bunkers!
What it says of the lid! Picture from manufacturer website.

No age of steam without steam trains! And in the Quar wartorn universe nothing but an armoured train will suffice. Flames of War has a German and a Polish one...  For my purposes, I like the Polish locomotive better, the German one looks to high tech for Quars. As for the cars, I want nothing with rotating turrets, for the same reason. Extensive antennas forests aren't an option either. What I'd really like is the Polish locomotive pulling a string of plain box cars.

FoW Polish locomotive in Soviet service. Picture from manufacturer website.
The Flames of War set is probably a bit too expensive to use just one fourth of it... Apparently, their made for TT scale (1/120) tracks but HO (1/87) might be a good fit for 15mm too. I'll go and browse train modellers sites!

Another good way to "brand" a terrain for a specific universe are the various ornaments seen on or around structures... With the Quar available in three different scales, there is plenty of choice for statues! Looking into the 28mm characters I stumbled on this entry...

Picture from manufacturer website.
[...] Ehn’k’du, an ancient warrior from long before the first cities were built around Lake Morandi. His statue adorns almost every town and village square across Alwyd, no matter what the current national mood or affiliation may be. All decent quar revere the memory of Ehn'k'du second only to that of their own ancestors.
It isn't my favourite charcater, and I'll probably buy a couple more for variety (and because it's a good excuse to slightly bend my "no 28mm!" rule and cave to my "oooh shiny!" syndrome), but I guess Ehn'k'du is THE must have statue!

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