17 November 2017

15mm Battle Masters - Introcuction

Although the miniatures ended up re-used into a makeshift WFB army and I have no clue where the rest of the game went, I remember Battle Masters foundly... The game main issues was it's huge vinyl play mat (about 1,50m squared - that's 5 feet for those of us still using body parts to measure stuff) that forced us, back in '93, to play on the floor...

Fast forward 2017: I have a 8-Year-Old son and looking at the game with interest again... My knees aren't 13 anymore, so playing on the dinner table would definitely be nice!

So I'm thinking...
  • Hotz Mat with 2" hex (I think the original hexes were about 5")... But then again 1,75" would allow me to use Heroscape hexes on it (not for straight Battle Masters, but with a eye on future use for other projects)... Only I'm not sure the hex wouldn't look to crowded...
  • Demonworld (mostly) 15mm miniatures... Instead of the original "one unit is 3-5 minis glued to one base and cartboard markers are used to keep track of hitpoints", l'd like to go with a cleaner Memoir'44 style rule: "loose one hit point remove one mini from the unit", only I might go with "one hit point = one base of several minis" instead to allow for somewhat bulkier units (most units have 3 hitpoints: I can live with 3 knights uints, 3 archers look a bit lonely, IMO). Hence my interrogation about the size of hexes here-above)... Given my usual fetish for dual use material (eat that, ECHELON), I'm considering basing them with recycling into a DBA 3.0 army in mind: 
    • One horses unit is 3 minis (= "hitpoints"), each on a 13mm wide by 30mm deep bases: 3 of them side by side count as a 40 x 30mm DBA base
    • One foot unit is based on one 40 x 20mm and two 20 x 20mm bases that count as two DBA bases: the number of minis varies with DBA conventions: a "4Bd" unit would have 4 minis on the 40 x 20mm base (per DBA rule), and 2 on each 20 x 20 mm base (both of them side by side counting as a 40 x 20mm base with 4 minis i.e. a DBA "4Bd").

Next: plans for a 15mm Battle Masters Imperial knights!


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