19 January 2013

Chrysanthemum-class Destroyer Escorts badges

  • I was asked to look into a ship's badge for INS Okha. So here is a sketch...
  • Inspiration came from Battlestar Galactica (the new one)...
  • And from French Navy tempions (which serves as their ships main heraldic device)...
  • The monochromatic nature of Japanese kamon lends itself well to this sort of plaquish design, not sure how well it would systematically adapt to heraldry from occidental design, though!
  • And while at it, I did INS Chrysanthemum too... 

  • Please let me now if you have:
    • A good source of vector graphs (kamon, occidental, anything, really);
    • Strong feelings on what Okha and Chrysanthemum canon hull numbers should be;
    • Specific requests for more!


  1. and vert nice crests they are too.
    Thanks !

  2. I love flavor text and graphics when it comes to RPG. It adds life to the adventure and makes it art - as well as an interactive novel!

  3. Thank you guys!

    HarmlessHamster: my feeling exactly about graphics and props!