20 January 2013

Naming the Chrysanthemum-class

  • I've always liked how Captain Picard (and earlier Captain Archer) have a models (drawings) of their ship earlier namesakes (both real "wet" and space ships, and fictional ones) on display in their ready rooms. Sailors are nothing if not traditional!
 Archer's Ready Room, from John Eaves' blog. I especially like how just four drawings go all the
way from age of sail to sci-fi going through "modern" naval and "early" space exploration!
  • Based on Mongoose Traveller: Sector Fleet, a typical named fleet deploys some 130-160 destroyer escorts (8 4-ships desrons at sector level and 6 to 8 units in each subsector fleet). Counting for roughly 23 sectors, we end up in the 3000+ DE in service within the Imperial Navy. Even taking into account several dozen of classes in that specific type, you still need a couple hundreds names for each class! IMTU, all Chrysanthemum-class DE are named after plants.
  • A quick (yeah, right) browse on wikipedia turns out two major source of naval ships named after plants: the Royal Navy Flower-classes (also known as Cabbage-class), WW1 sloops and WW2 corvettes,  and several classes of Imperial Japanese Navy destroyers.

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