25 July 2013

What's in the box? CMG Ravager & Blackguard Mechas

Last but not least of these ZAS Kickstarter reviews, the two mechas... They were designed by John Bear Ross and sure enough they show plenty of its trademark modularity!

Left: the Blackguard Support Mecha with its 2 rocket laucher backpack, the body
and (metal) shoulders, the legs, a railgun, an energy cannon and two plasma cannons.
Right: the Ravager Assault Mecha, its body and shoulders, jump-pack,  legs, 4 leg
thrusters, a flamer, dual barrel auto cannon, grenade launcher and power claw.
So modularity you said...
  • The legs are different poses but otherwise identical, not sure if each pose is tied to one mecha or if they come at random. Anyway, together with the fully posable arms, that's plenty of option for posing;
  • The weapons all share the same ball connector and they are symmetrical, so any weapon can go on any side of any mecha;
  • Both backpacks share the same connector so again, they fit both models;
  • And it shouldn't be stopping there: JBR got a couple of other mechas in the pipe for CMG other Mercs species, the Ygs and Astagar and all their part should be compatible with the Ravager and Blackguard... So beside new bodies and legs (or snaky tail in the Astragar case) that should give us plenty of new toy to customize your mecha: sword, power claw, hammer, chop saw, laser cannon, missile launcher, over the shoulder railgun (compatible with the Blackguard backpack)... Think the kind of option range of GW 40K Dreadnought...
  • In fact, while they don't seem designed for it, but to give you a taste of things to come, the Strike Hawk underwings weapon pods fit the Blackguard backpack well enough...
So what do I think?
  • You might have noticed: I'm in love with the modularity... So much so that, with my tendency to procastination, it might be a problem.
  • Sculpt is top notch, plenty of flashes though. Like the VTOLs, they will need rather more cleaning than your average 15mm resin model...
  • Not sure how to use them yet, but 15mm "not Heavy Gear" pure "mech on mech" combat comes to mind... Think an "army" (cadre is the right term I'm told) of those against CMG Ayame, Khurasan Pythons and Corsairs or ACP Valkryes... Using a Crossfire like system...


  1. These are a great start to an entire system of mecha from CMG.
    There are at least a half-dozen more unique mechs in the works, all with a number of parts that interchange.
    I think you will be happy.


  2. You. Are. Such. A. Tease.