13 May 2014

I painted something! - Brigade Models Power Armour

It's been on a shelf for a couple of weeks now, awaiting a varnish coat and to be photographed (procrastination settles in at all stages!) but I painted something for the first time!

That is except for a 1/72 Blue Angel Phanter and a 1/720 French SSBN (painted entirely olive drab) when I was like 8, and most of (some part are very difficult to reach, you know) my house more recently. But I mean I painted my very first miniatures!

My brother has been painting Space Marines for a dozen years. He must have a couple of chapters worth of Raptors by now, a crapload of tyranids and then some Imperial Guard (I bought those, never did anything with them, didn't even open the boxes, they've got a better home now) and orcs... I mean orKs, sorry. And everything is IMHO (I mean, humility isn't my forte, but as far as painting go, with my 12 minis painted, I can muster some) beautifully painted. And he agree to teach me some basics!

I went with Brigade Models Power Armour not exactly because I wanted them painted, but rather because I had them laying around (bought them together with the PacFed vehicles), wasn't quite sure what to do with them and they seemed not overtly complicated to paint. Great practice fodder! Sorry if I didn't do them justice; they're actually great minis, that was just my thought process while selecting them for this endeavour.

After this lengthy introduction designed to highlight my (lack of) painting background and muster some sympathy for my (primitive) painting skills: drum rolls and... Cymbal!

Needless to say, I'm extremely proud of the result! In a "look mommy I made you this noodle necklace all by myself" way.
The paint scheme (no so much as a tutorial but as a alternative self-reminder to the loose sheet of paper it's currently scribbled on):

  • GW Skull White spray
  • GW Bleached Bone base coat
  • GW Delcan Mud wash
  • GW Bleached Bone dry brush
Sergeant stripes:
  • GW Catachan Green
  • GW Dark Angel Green
  • GW Snot Green in the upper left corner
  • thin stripe of GW Bleached Bone to separate the panes
Weapons frames:
  • GW Catachan Green
Weapons barrels:
  • GW Codex Grey
  • GW Badab Black wash
Weapons "markings":
  • Random horizontal thin GW Yriel Yellow lines
  • Random vertical even thinner GW Catachan Green across the yellow ones
  • Litko 40mm x 0,8mm plywood round bases
  • Litko 40mm x 0,02" magnetic base bottom
  • GW Stormvermin Furr base coat
  • GW Kommando Kakhi liberal dry brush


  1. nice, good colour choice.

  2. Very nice, indeed. :)

    Wouldnt You mind try correcting those seargant stripe in third photo with gel pens?

    If You forgive me, You may next time consider doing visor's grades differently: lightest down, darkest to black (with point of silver/white) up. It seems unnatural but IMVHO looks a bit better. F.ex.: http://umpapas.blogspot.com/2014/01/15-mm-sf-armia-czerwieni-15-mm-sci-fi.html

    1. Thanks for the approval! And for the tips... I wouldn't even dream of take offence about someone trying to help me improve! I'll probably leave them as they are and move on to something else for fear of ending never being satisfied by them... But any good tip or idea will be used on my next project!

      Umpapa, what kind of gel pens are you talking about? How do you use them? You draw the stripes with them instead of with a brush?

      Your "lightest shade up think" looks good! It gives me a bit of an impression that your troops are standing under a dark sky with most of the light coming from the landscape around them. Not a bad thing for sci fi troops in enclosed armour!

  3. Way to go TP- now to paint the next hundred or so!

  4. Thanks! I'm impatiently waiting for a hundred or so Quars to show up in the mail (not to mention hundreds of other minis I own and could pain, but I'm really in a Quar phase those days)!