16 December 2013

Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets miniatures painted by Micropanzer

They took a while to get there (according to USPS, they went form Brussels (Belgium) to Nashua (NH) to Jamaica (NY) to Opa Locka (FL), back and forth three times between Opa Locka and Miami (FL), then to Kansas City before ending up in Blue Springs  (MO), the entire trip taking just under a month) but Jason at Micropanzer just finished the miniatures I commissioned him to paint for my Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets faction!

Units of the Robot Army of Organization of Unobtainum Exporting Planets

Quick reminder: this faction his clearly inspired by Star Wars droid army and his made around a core of Critical Mass Games robot infantry and drones, reinforced with Brigade Models PacFed vehicles and rounded up with a couple of Ground Zero Games Spider Drones. The bases are Likto 1/32" MDF backed with a layer of 0.02" magnetic sheet.

Poor (not exactly) Bloody Infantry

Jason's order was to embrace the Star Wars inspiration and go for a off white infantry with brown vehicles. And to use some shade of electric blue for the optics and glowthinkies (I've decide that unobtainium is that colour in my setting). 

And its rides (before units markings where applied)...

Needless to say I'm extremly happy with how they look and  I can't wait for them to show up in the mail (hopefully, the return trip will be slightly less circumvoluted)!

Update: I've added more/bigger pictures on TrojanPins... Ans that's all I have for now, I'll have to wait to actually get them to make more!

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