25 April 2014

All Quiet on the Quar Front - Infantry

Following up on my All Quiet on the Martian Front vehicles post... Some thoughts about what to use for infantry for 15mm not-Imperial Guard.

When talking about 15mm not-Imperial Guard, one usually thinks one of three options...
1. You have maddening modelling/sculpting/converting skills and/or will settle for nothing but a perfect homothety of the GW models! I haven't anything like those skills and actually prefer more approximate proxies. 
15mm Death Korps of Krieg by Dan from Gunners Wargaming... Along the same lines,
have a look at his Titanium Dropship 2014 entry or at his current 15mm not-40K project...

2. The Imperial Guard has often been called the 40K army for historical wargaming enthousiasts[citation needed]... And 15mm sci fi wargaming has (before the current golden age) been stigmatized as playing with WW2 minis painted funny[citation needed, again].

But frankly why not? An army made of historical infantry (the more original and obscure the better) equipped with sci-fi vehicles, an original paint job and a non-standard organisation is a perfectly fine sci-fi army by my book... I was going to list some of the classic Imperial Guard Regiments and possible sources of miniatures but quickly realized I started making a very boring list of pretty much every post-1900 miniatures manufacturer in the book!
Not-Valhallan Ice Warriors AKA Flames of War Strelkovy Company (Winter).
Picture from manufacturer website.
3. Embrace the Gothic side of the Force and choose one of the few sci-fi but gothic ranges available. To name a few (in no particular order): Black Hat's VSF Prussians, Eureka's Sci-Fi Germans, Ion Age's Prydian Muster or Rebel Minis' Titan Marines.

Another Titanium Dropship 2014 entry: Eureka Sci-Fi Germans by  painted Barks from Wargaming with Barks
None of those options wasn't really exciting me. And all of a sudden I thought of another range of minis I had filed under "nice but not quite sure what I'd do with them'...  ZombieSmith's Quars!

Cute little not-WW1 guys... I NEEDED an excuse to buy some!
Picture from manufacturer website.

Original and characterful minis, relatively extensive ranges with riflemen ("rhyflers", some armed with "Bogens" and other with "Ryshi"?), LMG and mortar teams, officers, snipers, tankers, cavalry and even a pack beast. Everything one need for a solid infantry force. As long as you're only looking at building a single faction (or are content to use the same models with different paintjobs for different faction, a perfectly valid approach in 15mm): the 15mm range (Quars are also available in 6 and 28mm) currently has only two factions, one of which only has a single infantry pack.  Edit: fair enough, that single infantry pack is in fact a 45-quars strong  "Rhyfle" company; not sure how many poses that is nor if it includes support weapons or anything, the website only mentions the officers.

Not a bad model... Just not my thing.
Picture from manufacturer website.
The only weak point in this line are the vehicles: three "war tractors" are available and none of them are (in my subjective opinion of course) as inspiring as the Quar themselves... And so back to this post introduction: I ordered a bunch of Quar and can't wait for the AQotMF vehicles to be available!

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  1. Didn't know about the Black hat Prussians, they have potential, and the Prydians look like the would make a good IG army, but you Quar will have that extra bit of interesting factor, they will look great with Martian front armour.