15 May 2014

All Quiet on the Quar Front - Smurf Village

andyskinner over at Quar Invasion, reacted to my last All Quiet on the Quar Front post by showing off his own Quar buildings...

Building and picture by andyskimmer
Which beyond being an awesome kitbash, somehow made me think of another village of organicaly shaped houses...

I'll probably take some flak for daring this comparison, but I can't stop thinking I'm on something here. Loose the mushrooms caps and replace them shingles, but keep the rounded out, nearly spherical walls!

He made this Quar house using something called a "pomegranate bottle". A bit of Google Fu did indeed turn those up, not only are they a great shape, but they come in various complementary sizes and shapes. 

Unfortunately, they're not (that I'm aware off) available in Belgium and even in this age of Amazon and eBay, importing them would probably be too expensive for my purpose. So I went hunting for an alternative. I'm currently thinking polystyrene balls: they're readilly available in craft stores in 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm diameter (and more). 

I'd cut them with an hot wire along two "parallels" 10 mm above and 10 mm below their "equator", end up with a 20 mm thick rounded-out-cylinder-shaped slice, and use it as structure for a building. I'd just need to add a conical shingles roof, some . Or I can use several slices on top of each other for a bigger building; or use one slice, a trunkated roof, a smaller slice and another roof, etc. Endless variety!

Sketch of various buildings, using 70, 50 and 30 mm balls.

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  1. Pretty nifty! Take a look around the soft drinks aisle of a famous supermarket (the one with the lion): some of the smallest conditionings for some brands, such as Fanta, are pomegranate bottles.