21 January 2015

Comics Imagi-Nations - Touboutt-Chan Regulars and Rebels

Last week-end and my brother's, I re-discovered "La Frousse aux trousses", a Spirou and Fantasio album in which the two adventurers try to infiltrate the small Himalayan country of Touboutt-Chan. Both Captain Yi's regular army squadron and the local rebel are shown using a nice little assortment of vehicles that would make a nice couple of forces for, let's say, AK-47 Republic (I'm thinking Khurasan North Koreans for the regulars and some Talibans for the rebels).

I do however need some help identifying some of them... The story takes place in a small country located between Bhutan and China and I'll assume happens at the end of the eighties (the book was published in 1988).

Regular Army:
  • The pair of Hind D (call signs Flying Panda and Fire Dragon) are easy enough!
  • I'm pretty sure the armoured cars are British Humber Scout Cars.

  • Captain Yi's ride seems to be some sort of Jeep... Not sure which model though.
  • Not too sure about the trucks... Any ideas?

  • One of the light vehicles is some sort of Land Rover, right? What kind? And what about the armoured one? I haven't a clue...

  • And last but not least the funny looking bus the heroes steal to escape... Cylindrical body with round portholes; jet engine looking cupola on top? Wiskey tango fox-trot is this thing?

That's all I got... If you got any more clue (I'm pretty sure someone does!) please let me know in the comments.


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  1. The Armoured vehicle is clearly a soviet BTR-152, you see it has no canvas cover, but the beam frame to hold it in place are very visible.