17 March 2015

Gunners Painting Service

What it says on the lid: Gunners from Gunners Wargaming is launching his painting service! And his having a give away comp to stimulate us blogger talking about it!

GZG Crusties, painted by Gunners

So here's my part... 

I found out about Gunners during the Titanium Dropship Painting Competition I ran on Dropship Horizon last year and nearly refused his entry for being 28mm (DH has a strict "15mm only" policy!), then I had a second look and saw that his Blood Angels termies and his Leman Russ tank actually where insanely talented 15mm scratchbuilt models! I went on browsing his blog and found out he had entire scratchbuilt and painted entire armies of 15mm Space Marines, Death Corps of Krieg, Tau, Orks, Plague Marines... To mention only his not-40K products (or 20K as I call half-scaled 40K minis)!

15mm? You bet!
Pricing looks fair enough but Gunners is located in N.S.W. (Northern Southern Western?) Australia so shipping will probably make it unfordable for me... But check it:


  1. NSW.
    New South Wales is one of Australia's six States

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