06 June 2015

Not Just a Bush War: the Marxist Earth Succession of Bbore

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded Not Just a Bush War by Nordic Weasel Games ($5.99 on Wargame Vault)... What you get is 14 pages worth of tables allowing you to randomize a Bush War imagi-nation from scratch, a 23-pages campaign syste (plus 1 cover, 3 pages of explanations, 4 of random events/images and 1 of designer's notes)...

Flag of Bbore: yellow is for the desert in the West, blue for the ocean in the East, black is for the People of Bbore in between and the white rat is for white parasites living off the People of Bbore... Or something! NJaBW doesn't provide a country name or flag generator so I rolled those on Peter Pig's AK-47 Republic tables...
Giving the country creation system a run... A few D10 or D100 rolls later, a country was born...
  • Bbore is a somewhat urban (6-8 on a D10) medium country with a population of 5-20 millions (roll of 5-7 on a D10);
  • Its natural resources are its strategic position and building materials (medium country → 2 rolls) but the country as very little heavy industry (2-3 on a D10) and is 17 years behind the curve (3D10 modified by the urbanization);
  • The country is a functionnal democracy (9-12 on a D100) but the current governement is viewed as largely illegitimate (2-3 on a D10) yet is quite popular (6-7 on a D10) but corruption is widespread (2 on a D10, hence probably the illegitimacy of the current government);
  • Bbore is a religious melting pot (9-10 on a D10) but enjoys near-total cultural  coherency (10 on a D10);
  • It has a patron state (9 on a D10, which is not a super-power, not the country it was colonized by, not a regional power: those are other entries on the table);
  • The country major concerns are the illegitimacy of the current government, the widespread corruption (any roll of 3 or less for Legitimacy, Popularity, Rule of the Law and Coherence is a major concern) and dissident groups (32-37 on a D100, extra concerns are roll on a table until a country as at least 3 of them)...
Now let's look at Bbore military...
  • Bbore military doctrine focuses on attrition warfare (7 on a D10) with virtualy non-existent support (i.e. heavy weapons, artillery, AT weapons, 1 on a D10);
  • Infantry has acceptable training but lack practical experience (5-7 on a D10 modified by Rule of Law and Politics), steady morale (11-14 on a D10 modified by Legitimacy, Popularity, Coherence and Politics) and uses British equipment (16-17 on a D20);
  • Armoured Forces are moderately available (7-8 on a D10) and focus on infantry support (3-4 on a D10) using Russian (1-6 on a D10) vehicles that are 26 years behind the curve (the country technological base year minus 2D10 modified Alliance and Industry)
  • The Air Force is very limited (3-4 on a D10) and unfocused (9-10 on a D10) and uses Chinese aeroplanes (12-13 on a D20) and British helicopters (16-17 on a D20) that are 35 years behind the curve (the country technological base year minus 2D10 modified Alliance and Industry);
  • The military's Elite is made by mostly British (16-17 on a D20) mercenaries (10 on a D10).
Rationalizing it all together:
  • The "Marxist" part of the name together with the Russian an Chinese equipment indicates some form of communism in Bbore history;
  • Somehow, the Brits (probably interested by the country strategic position) managed to turn the country into some sort of democracy;
  • Armoured vehicules are mostly BTR-80;
  • The Air Force is made of a few Chengdu J-7 fighters, Westland Lynx (mostly used as VIP transport) and Puma (mostly VIP, with the occasional deployment of mercenaries against dissident groups);
  • The mercenaries (a British company recruiting British armed forces combat veterans) are officially contracted as security for government officials and installations but the occasional snatch and grab of dissidents isn't unheard of... 
That's basicaly what you get with the first (smaller: 14 pages) half of the document! I haven't taken a good look at the campaign system yet... Later?

UPDATE: I just downloaded Nordic Weasel's Battle Pack Issue 2 and there are a couple of extra table to roll the locals uniforms...
  • Bbore military thus wear greenish brown modern German uniforms (well late 90s as per the country Technology roll) with bush hats, we already know they use British small arms, good luck finding a SA-80 armed and desert/jungle hatted Bundenswher minis (although once you've got them, the colour is a fairly simple issue);
  • The elite forces (i.e the mercenaries) wear the same kit in urban camo instead of greensih-brown...
    Urban flecktarn? Kids these days!


  1. Sounds very interesting! Definitely on my wishlist.

    Does it simulate only African countries or are Middle-Eastern, East Asian/Pacific, Latin American and/or East European countries on the menu?

    1. It is called Not Just a BUSH War, so my default assumption was African countries...

      But if you look at everything I wrote (except for "Bbore", the very name of the country, which was generated with a table from AK-47 Republic, NOT with NJaBW) you can really drag and drop that country to any part of the world you mention!

      Justifying some things (Chinese aligned East-European country?) might require a bit more creative lubricant, but you won't need any industrial-grade suspension of disbelief!

    2. There WAS a Chinese-aligned East-European country - Albania (for a time), it is possible to imagine various Albania-aligned imagi-nations.

    3. So yes... Slightly more of a stretch but not a major issue ;-)

    4. I didn't add a "region" table though you could use the one from the FiveCore war generators if need be.

      Imagi-nations in pre-ww2 Europe always seemed like an appealing option.

  2. Urban Flectarn was used by Polish Antiterrorist group at their beggining and it worked quite good.

    1. Yeah, I figured it must be something like that... "POLICJA" was my first hint ;)