31 October 2015

Ars Victor - 15mm Miniatures for the Empire of Man

I recently wrote a small review of the Ars Victor boardgame with an eye of using the rule with miniatures before being interupted by supper... I've been thinking a bit more about it and here are the minis I'm leaning toward for the Empire of Man faction.

Ars Victot Empire of Man unit tokens. Picture from editor website.
The faction units can be split in three thematical categories...

Not-Space Marines 
They come in several variants (read in 3 columns: name of the Ars Victor unit, 40K equivalent and signature attribute):
  • "Medium" = "tactical" Space Marines = baseline unit
  • "Jump" = "assault" Space Marines = jump packs
  • "Heavy" = "devastator" Space Marines = missile launchers
  • "Cavalry" = bikes = bikes
  • "Light" = scouts = sniper rifle & camo cloak
  • "Assault" = "terminator" Space Marines = power armour
Altough they are a bit more lightly kitted than you old Space Marine, I'll go with 15mm.co.uk SFA troopers: a few other ranges provide the variety of roles I'm looking for but it's one of the only one with jump pack troops...

Picture from manufacturer website.

Not-Space Marines needs suitably heavy-duty looking bikes with I found at The Ion Age... Not sure if I can do an head swap for a SFA Trooper one or just get away with the paintjob doing all the work...

Picture from manufacturer website.
For the scouts I really wanted miniatures with a camo cloak yet needed at least a couple of different poses if I didn't want the unit to look to much like a Napoleonic battalion.
Last but so not least, the not-Terminators: the illustration on the token doesn't look that much more beefy that the other troops, but with the "tough" and "teleport" special rules, the energy sword and over the shoulder missile laucher, what else could they be. I've been hesitating a lot here, looking for more or less "human sized" miniatures. But then I though GZG Cyclops Battlesuit, towering above regular infantry looking "Brutes"/ogres in the eyes and I remembered the perfect miniature for this project:

Picture from manufacturer website.
Not-Imperial Guard
From a gaming point of view, the only unit that really falls into that category is the "Conscripts", but if you look at the "Field Gun" and "Mortar" drawing, the weapons crews clearly look like they were the same uniform... To clearly mark the distinction between not-SM and not-IG I've decided to embrace the "40K IG = WW2 in space" meme...
Flames of War Soviet SMG company (well a single base of it). Picture from manufacturer website.
  • "Conscript" = WW2 soviet infantry, I'll probably going to use mostly (only?) field caps one to further differentiate the not-SM and not-IG stands.
  • "Field Gun" = 15mm.co.uk Heavy Laser Canon + WW2 Soviet artillery crew
  • "Mortar" = sci fi mortar + WW2 Soviet artillery crew
Feral warriors
They come either on foot and mounted and I've thrown the Brute/Ogryn into that category based on the leather thong they all seem to wear. I though about some post-apo miniatures for them, but again wanted to make them clearly stand out of the rest so I went feral all the way to fantasy miniatures.
Picture from manufacturer website.


  1. Hi! So glad you're enjoying Ars Victor!

    I love the minis you found to portray the "not-40k" units. :)

    I've done the exact same thing: used my 40k collection in tabletop games with a custom "doublewide" board. Here's a video (with our old art): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUZJEzVeBpg

    I've also experimented a bit with a boardless variation that uses freeform terrain elements and measures things with a ruler instead of hexes.

    1. I haven't played it yet...

      I've access to a laser engraver with a 60cmx30cm (2'x1') bed: with 10cm (4") hexes, each tile will fit nicely! The entire assembled board will then be about 90cm (3') deep by 120cm (4') wide. Just what I want!

      The hexes are actually a feature as far as I'm concerned! So no tweaking there!

      Do you plan to do other factions?

    2. Other faction: yes! The base game includes the Ancient Hegemony, and there are a couple of factions being developed on the BGG forums.