30 October 2015

15mm GI Joe - Snowcat

Comments on TMP about my previous "New Guinea War" post highlighted how the Antarctica War briefly mentioned in the chronology could also be an interesting setting! Here is just a random idea that popped-up while thinking along those lines...

Back when I was 6, I got the GI Joe Snow Cat toy as a present from my grand mother...

Picture from YoJoe.com.

30 or something years later, I am cruising on Brigade Models webshop looking for hot models to pick up (for yet another project) and I see this baby...

Brigade Models Polish Suwalska half-track with ATGW turret. Picture from manufacturer website.

See where I'm going? White paintjob, yellow (orangish) missile hatches...

Option 1
GI Joe all the way! US decals everywhere, maybe try to source some blue cat transfer... But then I'll need a entire GI Joe force... And a Cobra one to fight against... Oh boy... Another family sized cans of worms just got opened there!

GZG ScanFed troopers painted by David Billinghurst.
Option 2 
Don't deny the inspiration (imitation, flattery, blah, blah, blah) but tie the model into an existing project... I'm thinking a couple of those to go with a squad of GZG ScanFed and make a little ScanFed detachment out of it for either skirmish or attachment with a larger force.

Kalmar Union flag. Wikipedia.

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