19 May 2016

Tommorow's Wars meets Horizon Wars - A 6mm Democratic People's Republic of Glory (DPRG) Battlegroup?

Although Horizon Wars and Tommorow's Wars have nothing but the editor and book production value, reading the recently bought former inspired me to (beside buying a 6mm British Battlegroup) go back at the later to look at some miniature porn!

It's not the first time I think about gaming in that universe: I already wrote down some thoughts about which infantry models to use for the Republic of Arden and for the Democratic People Republic of Glory...

Brazilian built grav tanks are starting to equip select People's Republic Guard formation (the one that didn't displease Dear Leader). All pictures (except the Darghaur hereunder) from their manufacturer website.

Tommorow's Wars setting in a nutshell:
  • The world is divide in two blocks:
    • The Organisation of Progressive States (OPS) made by Australia, Canada, the "Central African Union", Japan, Mexico, the European Union, New Zealand, Russia and the United States;
    • The New Economic Union founded by Brazil as a counter-weight to the "American-led" OPS includes most South American Nations, India, Pakistan and Serbia;
  • Most flavour text and pictures focuses on the events on Glory, a garden world balkanised in several different nations, notably:
    • The Republic of Arden, a "modern and stable" country with close ties to France and OPS;
    • The Democratic People Republic of Glory: an "iron-clad dictatorship" (North Korea in spaaaaace!) supported by NEU;
  • Both nations are regularly at war with each other, Arden getting direct support from the French Foreign Legion and USMC, while the DPRG gets technology and equipment from NEU, turning the thing into a very Vietnam War-like proxy-cluster-fuck between OPS and NEU;
  • The "By Dagger and Talon" supplement (covering aliens and special forces) sees the arrival on Glory of Crusties refugees (à la District 9) with fearsome Darghaur in hot pursuit... More mayhem ensues!
A "ten" (squad) of Darghaur (by Ground Zero Games), beautifully painted by Einar Olafson! Picture from his blog.
In my last DPRG post, I settled on a three tier infantry and am now shopping for 6mm equivalents:
That went well!

A squad of People's Republic Guard with advanced armour and combat rifles.
Looking at the DPRG vehicles stats (and pictures) in the Tomorrow's Wars book I see three tiers of vehicles sketched:
  • Tech level 1 (Tomorrow's War has 3 TL) home-grown vehicles used by reserve and militia forces;
  • Tech level 2 South African (I can't find anything about South Africa political alignment in the book, but South Africa based Interarms appear to be a major weapons source for minor nations of both blocks) built or licenced vehicles forming the bulk of DPRG inventory;
  • Tech level 2 (including some grav platforms) Brazilian (the source of most NEU countries first line equipment) vehicles produced in small numbers.
Most DPRG vehicles pictured in the book are Ground Zero Games miniatures (wheeled and tracked vehicles) and Combat Wombat ones (Brazilian grav vehicles) but looking for a 6mm battlegroup, I have decided to go a different route... And ended up, whithout surprise, looking at Brigade Models inventory:
  • Low tech localy produced vehicles: BM Neo-Soviet vehicles, I'm not too found of the look of most of that range with one notable exception, the M113-looking Kunitsa APC and its Mortar Carrier variant;
  • Mid tech South African imports: BM South African vehicles;
  • High tech Brazilian grav imports: no "official" Brazilians in BM ranges, but I'll go with the Indonesian which look all grav and high tech without the "zortiness" of the PacFed vehicles (which, for the record, I own and I love), BM other grav range!
Less trusted units are equipped with license-built Interarms South Africa vehicles. On this picture, a couple of heavy tanks followed by two heavy APC.
So, going back at Horizon Wars list of conventional forces:
Brazilian build interceptor and attack fighter, the pride and joy of the People's Republic Aerospace Force!
I'm not sure about Heavy Infantry (power armour) yet: either call KM Nova Respublik "PA" or maybe use BM generic Power Armour? The later have a nice MaK feel and I don't have to stretch my disbelieve to much to imagine them as NK tech...

DPRG is negociating with NEU trying to get access to high tech power armour to equip its most thrusted Guard units.
Same with mechs... Plenty of nice models out there, but just as with the UK battlegroup, none that screams "perfect match" to me... 

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