27 January 2013

Traveller megacorporations logos reloaded

You might be fan of the seventies look of Traveller megacorporations logos... IMTU a relooking was long overdue!

SuSAG. Logo from the Montreal Sciences Centre (which, by the way, one of the best such centre I've visited, and that's quite a few): I just saw it and knew I was going to reuse it for "that Traveller corporation that does chemical stuffs and which name starts with an S"
General Products: shamelessly stolen from you know who, but then again pretending to date back to pre-FTL Terra seems to be some sort of a sport for Traveller megacorps...
Ling Standard Products. Equally boring but fitting for another do-it-all corp.
What it says on the lid! The Mass Effect logo was begging to inspire me...