23 January 2013

Imperial Navy Identity Card

  • All that rambling about the Imperial Personnel Identification Number actually at a purpose... The idea is to make NPC cards that double as in game props. They're B7 format (125mm x 88mm), meaning 4 of those fit on either an A4 paper or on US letter paper.
Captain Avram Franssen, CO of INS Agidda at the begining of FW5
And a printer friendly grayscale version

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sirs,
    we are great fans of your work. However, we'll take the liberty to point out a slight mistake: the picture you are using doesn't depict the real Avram Franssen, but Tri-V star Enkliil BiiLaal, who played his part in the 1110 multi award-winning Fiction: "Agidda, the black globe enigma".
    We have gotten in touch with Mr Franssen,IN(ret) in order to get his authorisation. We'll send you his picture as soon as he lets us know he agrees.
    In the meantime, keep up the good work.

    Hirshur Hault-Bourbançais,
    Vice-President of Production,
    Home Base Omnimedia
    (a division of Makhidkharun Entertainment)