28 January 2013

More Traveller (mega)corportions logos reloaded

And their challenger (in the Marches at least), their family crest (in GT Nobles) has a bee, I ran with that idea and ended up with this...
Tukera, just "the big T", gold is for luxury!

Another pair of bitter competitors: the Agricultural Worlds Combine...
And the Trexalon Technical Consortium. I searched a lot for a way to symbolise "technicality" without resorting to something as unhitech  as a cog wheel or something and ended up toying with the letters TTC. As you can see I finaly dropped the C and came back to a design I already used for Tube Transit, a Traveller Personal Rapid Transit system. I guess Trexalon Technical makes it, and thus just become, IMTU, on of the big players in the lift industry!

1 comment:

  1. great work which I'm going to adopt, except for the Tukera logo, with its rather unfortunate conection with Wehrmacht-style lettering.
    Yellow does indeed evoke money and wealth.