31 January 2013

Near Infinity - A not-PanOceania Starter Army for $65

All pictures from the manufacturers websites (Infinity, Khurasan) except the Valkrie which comes from the Tiny Solitary Soldiers blog
My take on 15mm stand-in for the 300 points Starter Army List presented on the official Infinity website:

So what's the damage? Prices in Dollars include postage to New York and prices in Euros include postage to Brussels. The exchange rate used is $4 for €3.
  • The official 28mm miniatures from the Corvus Belli online store: more than $125 plus about $28 for postage, or €104.60 plus €11.90 postage.
  • The 15mm stand-in: $33.48 plus $6.00 at Khurasan and $20.00 plus $5.50 at ACP Games, for a total of $53.48 plus $11.50, or just over €40 plus nearly €11.
For the sake of comparison, that makes the 15mm army just under 45% the price of the 28mm one. You do however get more than 4 times more miniatures:
  • 19 Fusiliers (7 riflemen in beret, 1 bareheaded female rifleman, 3 watch-capped riflemen, 2 helmeted leaders, 2 helmeted SAW, 2 helmeted RPG and 2 helmeted "medic" with SMG)
  • 10 ORC troopers/Federal Army riflemen
  • 1 Croc/Nova Respublik Sniper, 1 mortar with 2  Nova Respublik crewmen and 1 HMG with 2 Nova Respublik crewmen
  • 8 Sikhs/Seals (6 with assault rifle, 1 with sniper rifle and 1 with SAW)
  • 2 Medics/Docs (one kneeling and one standing) and 1 victim
  • 3 Cutters/Valkries
I've also added a similar post for Yun Jing...  

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  1. I legitimately think that it's a cool idea. I'm obsessed with proxying myself! But when I proxy, I try to make it look and feel like the real thing, and to me, scale is very important. For Bolt Action! I want to get the infantry and tanks to really look like they could've been made by Warlord... but if your friends don't mind playing 15mm instead, go for it.