05 February 2013

Near Infinity - Another 15mm Starter Army: Yun Jing

All pictures from the manufacturers websites (Infinity, Khurasan, Peter Pig, Critical Mass Games, Rebel Miniatures) except the Ground Zero Games Japanese Power Armour which come from Dropship Horizon.
Second instalment of my Near Infinity series: a selection of 15mm stand-in for a Yun Jing Infinity Starter Army: 
So what's the damage? Prices in Dollars include postage to New York and prices in Euros include postage to Brussels. The exchange rate used is $4 for €3 and £5 for €6.
  • The official 28mm miniatures from the Corvus Belli online store: more than $90 plus about $28 for postage, or €68,40 plus €11.90 postage.
  • The 15mm stand-in: just under $60 + $30 or €48 + €28
    • Khurasan: $17,86 + $6 or about €12,50 + €7
    • Ground Zero Games: about $4 + $10 or about €3 + €6
    • Peter Pig: about $4 + $5 or about €3,50 + €3,50
    • Critical Mass Games: about $10,50 + $4 or about €8 + €3 
    • Rebel Miniatures: $21,90 + $6 or about €16,50+$9
Comparison time again, that makes the 15mm army just under 85% the price of the 28mm one if your in the US and 95% if you're in (continental) Europe. Not such a good deal, but mind the five different manufacturers and thus five times the shipping, reducing the numbers of manufacturers and/or grouping those orders with others will make the ratio drop down quickly. And again, You get much more metal for your bucks; nearly 6 times more miniatures (that's even discarding the ones too difficult/impossible to use in a sci-fi game, i.e. with the spears, clubs and bows armed):
  • 14 Zhanshis/Nova Respublik Riflemen (1 leader with pistol, 1 with missile launcher, 1 with rifle and missile ammunition, 2 with RPG, 2 with SAW and 7 with rifles)
  • 6 Tiger Soldiers/Japanese PA (3 with rifle, 2 with rifle and "over the shoulders" missile launchers and 1 with close combat weapons)
  • 3 Domaru Butai/Samurai Bodyguards (1 with sword, 2 with spear)
  • 8 Invincible/Drop Troopers (all with rifle)
  • 10 Celestial Guards (2 with rifle, 8 with pistol) and 1 casualty
  • 23 ninjas (some of them with bows, clubs and spears, about half of them with blades)
  • 5 Dàofěi/Vadorian (2 with some sort of rifle, 3 unarmed?)
You might want to have a look at my previous post about using 15mm for PanOceania.

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  1. Also very, very cool! I love your approximations... though in this case, I think it's a little tougher. "Cyberpunk anime samurai" is a little harder to approximate.