30 May 2015

Squadrons of Darkness - 1420th Imperial Strike Group

As explained in a previous post, given the typical force deployed in a game, I decided to call each player a "Squadron Commander". For the Imperials, as a good Star Wars: X-Wing computre games series fan, I decided to name the squadrons with the letters of the Old Tionese alphabet. The original four players' squadrons (Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta) were made part of the 1420th Imperial Strike Group (1420 for the postal code of our town, "strike" as a random enough designation given the hodge-podge composition of the group various squadrons, and "group" rather than "wing" (the RAF/USN and USAF have diverging acceptation of both terms, I went with "group" as slightly more neutral altough both words are used in Star Wars although quite inconstistantly).

Not sure anyone can play X-Wing Miniatures without thinking about those games...
Your "Star Wars name" can be generated by adding the first syllabes (or first 3 letters) of your last name and of your first name to make your "Star Wars given name" and by doing the same to your mother maiden name and your birthplace to get your "Star Wars familly name". E.g. John Smith born in Chicago and son of Jane Carter becomes "Smijo Chicar"... After toying with that system a bit we decided to use the official "Star Wars first name" as our character last name in order to keep it a bit understandable: easier to make the link between your game budy "John Smith" and his character "Lt Smijo" than with a "Lt Chicar"...

The latest TO of IMPNAVFORMINSEC. Ranks are in French, not in English spelled funny...
In the mean time, we also generated, on a "required to move on with the storyline" basis, a bunch of NPC for the 1420th ISG HQ or to flesh out the squadrons and man the capital ships involved in the campaign background. Mostly we used the same "Star Wars name" trick, starting from the names of wives, kids, friends... Also the campaigned gained a couple of extra players and the 1420th ISG an Epsilon and a Zeta Squadron. 

More fights over Adarlon, the Imperials are making a dent but not quite controling the system yet. Fights over Travnin and Pergitor too with more mitigated sucesses. Clearly both sides are going for the high reward systems!

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