12 April 2013

20K - A 15mm not-Tau battleforce for $55

Tau Battleforce (minus the drones) painted and photographed by Paul at theunrealisticartist.com,
all 15mm equivalent pictures from the manufacturers websites; 3 packs of Ygs, 2 of Meso Nai,
1 of  Gitungi, 1 Battlesuit and 1 Grav APC: $50 (add $5 for a pack of drones)
Chris used CMG Ygs as an example and proposed a couple of idea to turn that single pack of 5 apparently lighty armed aliens into a "battlefieldable" fireteam. It went along those lines:
  • Call the helmet on one of those guys some sort of "C² interface" and that guy an officer;
  • Consider the pistol sized weapons to be very high tech and very compact assault weapons whose capabilities rivals other species more cumbersome rifles or SMG;
  • And consider the SMG sized weapons to be equally high tech and compact support weapons.
One issue remains though: the lack or variety. I would consider buying 2 or 3 of those packs to make a squad/section sized force, but anything bigger would be to much... So I took a leaf of the Warhammer 40K book and turned them into an high tech Alien Empire with lots of battlesuits and client species auxiliaries...



  • Just like Chris, I thing GZG High Tech Grav Vehicles are the perfect match for the Ygs... APC, Tank and MLRS would make a good starting combined arms force, with other option available like C² or PD...

  • The spearhead of any not-Tau force is of course battlesuits: my choice for those would be CMG Protolene Khanates Battlesuits: they're available with a wide variety of arms (both CC and ranged weapons) and with various "backpacks" (comms, missile launcher, guns, mortar and if I'm not mistaken some sort of jump pack)
  • The latest addition to this concept: Micropanzer Gitungi have just the right mix of GW stealth armour "facial features" and Yg stockiness... I just hope they're the right size to be considered Yg stealth PA without too much of a stretch!


  •  Albeit physically pretty different from the Ygs, CMG Praesidentia Ancients could relatively plausibly (to me at least) be Ygs from a different biological cast and make good religious leaders/high value targets/VIP objectives...
 That's all I have for now... Thoughts?

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  1. I have read your latest post on TMP

    due to the infantile inanity of Mr. Armintrout I cannot answer you there, but I'd recommend to you to use the "classical" hues of plastic toy soldiers as base colours for your 15mm troops:

    -olive drab
    -field grey
    -desert tan
    -khaki brown

    and so on, alien troops like your not-tau could have more exotic hues like dusty mauve and reddish amarante...