22 August 2013

Living Tomorrow: Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel

Pictures and design by Atkins.
Currently under construction on the site of an abandonned quarry 50 clicks south of  Shanghai, this five star hotel is another nice addition to your near-future landscape...

It should count about 400 rooms spread on 17 "below the ground" floors; 2 above the ground floors will host conference rooms for up to 1000 people, a banquet hall, restaurants and cafes; 2 more floors resting under the surface of the 10 m deep artificial lake at the bottom of the quarry will host another restaurant, a swimming pool and sport facilities. The lobby will be in the "flying saucer" section hanging above the rim of the quarry, while the glass "waterfall" will hide a vertical atrium running from the bottom of the hotel up to the ground level. 

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