24 August 2013

What's in the box? Brigade Models Pacific Federation Light Tank

I initialy only ordered the MBT, the APC and the "flyer", but that range grew on me and I went back for more, namely the light tank, in order to round up my Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets (O.U.E.P.) (I've got all the models now, just waiting for the bases and off to the painter they go!)

What's in the box? Pretty much the same thing as for the MBT (only shorter/smaller): metal "grav slate", turret, hatch and a rear panel and a resin body.

What do I think? I stand by my earlier review (love the design and the resin on metal fitting is a bit too tight, but as one commenter said, "better to tight that too loose") except for one thing: one of the three models I bought I two relatively bubbles at the front corner of the hulls, just where it joins the "grav slate"... I'm starting to wonder: is this normal and have I had a lucky streak of perfect model before, or am I unlucky in my three last orders (Hawk Wargames roof fittings, Brigade Models building and this)?


  1. I find myself looking at that and wondering if there's a conversion kit to add treads, then pair it up with some GZG New Israelis.

  2. Treads? To those bleeding edge killing machines? Why not oars? ;)