28 September 2013

Tomorrow's Wars - Republic of Arden (RA) - Arden Rangers

LtCol Baugnée, current CO of the Chasseurs Ardenais.
Picture from Begian MoD website.

In Tomorrow's Wars (TW) official background, the Democratic People's Republic of Glory (DPRG) nemesis is Republic of Arden (RA) which maintain strong military but also cultural links with France.  

Most pictures in the TW rulebook seems to indicate that (just like most world visited by Stargate teams) Glory (the planet where both the DPRG and the RA are located) has a earth-like ecosystem with abundant evergreens...

Being Belgian, the obvious association is to the Ardennes region, a heavily hilled and forested region spreading across Belgian, German and French Frontiers and covering most of Luxembourg.

One of the most quirky units of the Belgian military are the Chasseurs Ardennais (litteraly Ardennes Hunters), a mechanized infantry battalion known (among other things) for their oversized Basque-style green berets and their wild boar mascots...

Sounds like a nicely characterful unit for a Glory based campaign! A while back, when I saw Khurasan Sepulvedans Jungle Fighters, I thought their berets to be a little too large... Sounds like I got just the right use for them, no? Meet the Arden Rangers, an elite (but not SF) unit of the Arden National Guard (ANG).
Khurasan Sepulvedan Jungle Fighters. Picture from manufacturer website.

The Sepulvedan Provisional Army Regulars can then either be used as alternate pose (Chasseurs wearing helmets) or as another ANG unit. Same thing for the Sepulvedan Resistance and horse-mounted scouts which will make good irregulars or militia!

Add your choice of vehicles, some French Foreign Legion allies (GZG's for example), the odd USMC advisors team and, together with a DPRG force, you've got everything you need for the Second Glory War!


  1. No sweat. You know how constructive I can be.
    Nevertheless, this seems to be a swell idea, backgroundwise. Nice little peace of chrome.
    Would they have a mascot?

  2. Obviously... I'm torn.
    - I could go all canony and keep the original pig theme, but actually having a pig mini fighting alongside the rangers sounds a bit too 40Kish to me
    - I've ruled out pig-faced bats already
    - I might take a leaf out of Infinity (http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/fr/2011/miniatures/antipode-assault-pack/) and give the planet a race of semi-sapient (uplifted?) wolves deployed as packs with a ranger handler, and use that wolf-thing as regimental crest...

  3. I like the uplifted wolf / K9 thing