28 July 2013

The Robot Army of the Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets

Mini Metal Mayhem logo for their
Interstellar Mining and Extraction
Another army idea for my 15mm setting, blatantly inspired by another trade federation robotic army! The Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets (O.U.E.P.) is nominally part of my "alien empire" meta-faction but do show a significant dose of separatist ambitions (we don't want to close any game option)...

The O.U.E.P. has always had a policy of preferring robotic military forces over living ones (something about cost efficiency and no moral dilemma about fighting over natural resources).

The goal here (just like with my not-Tau) is emphatically NOT to model a 15mm Star Wars Droid army, but to use readily available minis to create an army that plays and feels like it without going crazy converting and sculpting stuff (or pestering mini makers to develop my very own fetish line, that just happen to be heavily licensed) to get a perfect scaled down facsimile... I actually like the generic fell better: I don't mind mix-matching not-universes like I would the originals.

The core of the Army is the riflebots platoon. Three squads of three four-bots fireteam, each team made of three regular riflebots and one riflebot equiped with a heavy weapon... I still got a couple packs of Critical Mass Games Praesidentia RAL Infantry in some box... Altough probably not enough for a platoon...

Riflebot platoon are sometimes reinforced with a close combat squad of three three-bots teams to give them some extra "up close and personnal" punch (or claw, rather)... Again, I'll go with CMG and their Preasidentia RAL Phase Shifters! I could field them in platoon strenght too, but I'll probably stick to an attached squad for the riflebots platoon.

To transport and support the riflebots platoon the O.U.E.P. uses a pair of advanced grav armoured vehicles, a light tank and an APC. Both comes from Brigade Models Pacific Federation Range. I don't exclude adding the heavier main battle tank to the mix to knock on very big doors (or when the native really really really don't want to sell their ancestor's land which just happen to be located on top of very rich unobtainium veins, but have other ideas for air support...

Air support will come in the form of squadrons of Praesidentia Sentinal Drones. Not sure what their suppose to do in CMG rulesystem (their name suggest relatively slow unit), but I'll field them as fast close air support "aircrafts". Cool fact: they come in three different flavor (Tri Phase Blaster, Phase Cannon and Phase Lance.

The last unit of this army (so far) is an highly autonomous specialist unit deployed in reconnaissance, security and other special operations role: the spiderbot, A.K.A. Ground Zero Games Spider Drones. Equipped with either dual guns or a rotary cannon and an advanced shield generator, and operating in loose two-bots teams, they are ready to guard O.U.E.P. High Value Targets and wreak havoc on its enemy rear lines. Or as body guards for O.U.E.P. V.V.I.Ps...


  1. That looks like a satisfactory list to start with- on with the slapping on of paint, then. Pictures please!

  2. So many projects... First thing: PLA VTOLs!