29 July 2013

CMG VTOLs assembled!

My domestic techmarine completed the assembly of both CMG VTOLs this week-end! He's got close combat training all this week but will hopefully be able to get back at it next week to paint them in their PLA livery. In the mean time I've ordered PLA decals (thank you for the tip, Kobold) on eBay and kanji numerals for the tail numbers at Fighting Pirannha Graphics... Stay tuned!


  1. Oh yeah, these look great! I may have to buy when they are readily available!

  2. Glad the decals worked out (I've been hunting decals, myself). I really like the look of the quad VTOL craft. I might have to get a couple of those for moving my troops when CMG puts them on general release.

  3. These look ace definitely want a couple of the big landers