23 July 2013

What's in the box? CMG ZAS Mercs Kickstarter

Unless you've spent the last few months on planet 28mm, you all know Critical Mass Games ran a Kickstarter last March in order to expend one of its Mercs lines, the ZAS. Although they're not my favourite of their Mercs (give me the Astagar or Ygs), I pledged £30 for the Early Bird ZAS Company Commander (and then some more for the stretch goals Mechas and VTOLs, more on those to follow any time soon).

Inventory of the Company Commander Pledge

And I got my package earlier this week (later than some due to the mechas and VTOLs)... So, what's in the box?
  • Company Commander and Platoon Leader Elements (2)
Upper row, left to right: Medic, Platoon Leader, Comms Guy, Company Commander, Drones bodies.
Lower row, the same three guys for the second platoon and two weapons options for the drones
(either a pair of drum fed slugger or a pair of energy weapons)
  • Infantry Platoons (2)
Each platoon is made of 4 identical sections (meaning with 2 platoons, I've got 8 of each of those poses).
Left to right on each row: a Squad Leader, a SAW (I think) guy, 3 Troopers (one of them kneeling) and a Grenade Launcher guy...

  • Special Troopers (6)
6 different poses for those guys! Left to right top row: Missile Launcher guy, Laser or Plasma (not sure) guy and SAW guy. Bottom row: Flamer guy, Plasma or Laser guy (the other one) and Sniper.

  • Gatling Guns (3)
Top to bottom: tripods, Gatling Guns and 3 pairs of one "praying"/"firing a .50 cal" gunner and one binocular guy.

  • Energy Cannons (3)
Same tripods, different gun, same crew.

  • Rocket Assisted Mortars (3)
Tripods, mortars and 2 pairs of a suitcase guy and a tablet guy (those two have a nice potential to be something else: medic and ECM guy, anyone?)

  • Objective Markers (2) and Supply Containers (2)
Two comms dishes objectives (one dry mounted one in parts) and two containers.
The two upper parts of the dish fits ARC Fleet Tanks and APC (and I assume other CMG vehicles).
The two containers came in slightly damaged...

So what do I think?
  • Nice sculpts, nothing wrong here.
  • Lost of flashes and two slightly broken containers but nothing major.
  • Although I knew what I was getting, I feel a whole company lacks a bit of variety in poses. A alternate infantry squad or at least a couple alternate leaders would have permitted a lot more variety in squads.
  • Although it's nice to have that many special weapons, most of them look very similar. I think I'd rather have less different ones (let's say missile, sniper and one SAW-sized weapon) and either two poses for each or even a single pose for each and see the sculpting/moulding budget freed used for more variety in the infantry squads.
  • Good value deal: 90 figs (and 4 pieces of scatter terrain) for £30 (postage included) 
 Update: apparently I'm not the only one to have just receive his package... More reviews:

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