22 July 2013

Living Tomorrow: Za Bor Architects Parasite Office


A contemporary (2011) yet very futuristic looking small office building by the Russain Za Bor Architects bureau (Arseniy Borisenko and Peter Zaytsev). Hanging between two other buildings blind walls in Moscow, it offers three floors (230m²/2500ft²) of modular office space (and a roof terrace) without hampering access to the courtyard through the alley.

The 'stealth aircraft' polygonal main façade is made of light and translucent cellular polycarbonate. The aft one is fully glazed.

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Cross Section
I can see this building (or at least this concept) in any modern or near future city campaign... Think target for your next run, headquarter of a small cutting-edge corporation, home office for your character's security business...

Shadowrun Advanced Lifestyle:
  • Catergories: Comforts (middle, 3 LP; easily refurnished up or down), Necessities (count as high; 2 LP and the 'Workplace' Quality), Neighbourhood (middle, 3 LP; based on the mix of high density housing and shops the actual Moscow building appears to be in; anyone actually familiar with Moscow feel free to comment; addapt this rating if using the building in another neighbourhood/city), Security (middle, 3 LP; again easily up or downgraded). I've left entertainement blank as it as little to do with the actual building which is intended as a work space. Characters actually living there will have to add the entertainement category of their choice.
  • Categories total: 13 LP
  • Qualities: Workplace (+1 LP; offices, not garage or workshop), Ambusher's Delight (-3 LP; open floor plan and translucent cellular polycarbonate might be very design, but they don't offer much cover).
  • Qualities Total: -2 LP
  • Total Lifestyle Cost: ¥ 2 600

Pictures by Peter Zaytsev, plans by Za Bor Architects.

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