30 July 2013

What's in the box? Daemonscape BigRig Dropship

Had this one on a shelf for a while, but thought it might fit my O.U.E.P. Robot Army quite well... Something to drop those legions of riflebots on the unsuspecting aliens and help negotiate access to their untapped unobtainium resources...

Left to right, top row: back (with cargo hatch), turret, upper body, front (with cockpit). Bottom row: back hatch (both faces), lower body (with integral landing gear, the three domes you can see on the picture) and engines. The small metal part taped on the card is the barrel of the turret.

So, what do I think?
Mounted/painted picture from the manufacturer website.
  • The sheer size, makes it a truly impressing model. I'll probably put it to use more as a terrain/objective than as an actual game unit...
  • Casting with a couple of small bubble, but due to the construction all are on faces that will be glued to something else. The pieces and edges straightness and alignment is slightly less than what I'm used too nowadays... It will need some filing and/or filling!
  • That brown resin stink. Not as bad as Scotia Grendel Domes though.
  • Size comparison picture from Dropship Horizon.
  • Not too found of all the random bits that are sculpted on the model... Bit too random for my taste.
All in all, a good centre table eye catcher for scenario based gaming!

Better sell that unobtainium claim fast...

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  1. LOL - I must get around to painting this model. Haven't touched it since I did the shoot for Dropship Horizon.