13 July 2013

What's in the box? Khurasan Python Power Armour and Corsair Battle Dress

I got those with one big order (got to blow all that combat pay on something) I placed at Khurasan a couple of months ago... Unfortunately, in the process, I also blew some of the Customs Department tripwires and ended up paying and waiting a bit more than expected. My mistake, not John's...

Anyway, what's in the box?
Both poses (on a 1cm grid): identical missile launchers (top) and bodies (centre), four different dual laser arms (left and right), different (symmetric) legs (bottom).

Available in four different poses (different legs and left arm poses), each model can be built as either Pathfinder (no weapons - but its arms power claws - and over the shoulder, extra sensors), Assault (plasma flamer or missile launcher in hand, other weapon on backpack, no extra sensors) and Echelon (both the weapons and sensors). First column: right arm with plasma flamer, with missile launcher and empty handed.
Second column: head/torso/left arm and legs, each of the four models comes in a different pose.
Third column: Echelon backpack and Assault backpack
Fourth column: Pathfinder backpack, lose flamer and launcher (to glue on the backpacks)

So what do I think?
  • As usual: great sculpt, perfect casting.
  • Compared to CMG Ayame, those lack a bit of modularity (as in possible variants, not just poses). The Python has none at all, and even the Corsairs looks a bit samey to me...
  • Although they're in different ranges (not-russian or not-arabs from Khurusan "main" sci-fi range for the Python, and "Earthdoom" for the Corsair) they work quite well with each other. Rounded yet not organic body, realistic "industrial" limbs, small horizontal viewslit... I could see the Corsair being a much more recent product of the same manufacturer than the Python.
  • I don't have the minis with me right now, so I can't measure them, but I did took a scale comparison pic...
Left to right: a GZG NI (integral casted base), the Corsair (integral casted base), a (running and thus slightly leaning forward) ACP Valkrie (mounted on a single washer), CMG Ayame (integral casted base), the Python (no base), a GW SM (on a GZ plastic base plus layer of flexible magnet) and a lego minifig. NI and Valkrie painted by my brother, SM by my son.

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  1. I quite like the Corsair... my buddy fields a few (so he won that arms race)... the Python isn't my style, but it's a nice piece of kit.