03 August 2013

What's in the box? Brigade Models Pacific Federation Armour

Dry mounted. Left to right, APC, recce "flyer" and MBT.
Just placed a few orders at GZG, CMG and Brigade for the figs needed for the Organization of Unobtainium Exporting Planets (O.U.E.P.) In the mean time, here a review of some I already owned: the Cougar MBT, Wombat APC and Minigwal recce vehicle; the Ocelot light tank is ordered.

All vehicles form a very nice range of both original and internally coherent  vehicles... Usually not too fan of Brigade Models design (nothing wrong with them, juts usually not too my taste) but those, I couldn't pass on them!

Parts laid out. Top row: recce "flyer".
Bottom row, left to right: APC and MBT.
So what's in the box? Both "ground vehicles" come with a resin body, but all 3 vehicles are designed similarly: a large flat metal "grav chassis" with a large slot for the body on top of witch comes the turret.  The MBT comes with an metal driver hatch and a detail panel to cap the read end (same kind of coils as on the sides of the chassis). The APC as a small cap to put under the rear body (that protrude the chassis). And the recce "flyer" is fully metallic and has extra dual gun to fix under the chassis. Note that the Minigwal comes in to variant (separate products) one with a twin guns turret and one with missile launchers. Both are otherwise identical. 

Light tank and MBT. Picture from
the manufacturer website.
So what do I think? 
  • As said earlier: nice little range, great design, both original yet not over the top.
  • No outstanding casting issue, few flashes on the metal parts and very little small bubbles on the lower (and thus invisible once mounted) part of the resin bodies.
  • The metal-resin fits are very tight... Dry mounting took some brute strength and the parts actually hold without glue. The MBT turret wouldn't even fit and is just resting on top of the body. Some filing might be needed to assemble them... 

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